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NCAA Antitrust Case

NCAA Compensation 
Litigation of antitrust cases frequently involve law firms and their clients going up against some of the biggest corporations in the world. It can often be a true David vs. Goliath battle, but if you have the right attorney on your side, you can pull off the upset and secure the compensation you deserve.
For a better understanding of how a successful antitrust case can be built, let’s take the recent case against the NCAA for example.
In August of last year, a federal judge ruled that the NCAA violated antitrust laws by not allowing its college athletes to receive compensation for the use of their names and likenesses. The NCAA rakes in billions in profits by using player’s names and likenesses to sell video games, memorabilia and TV broadcasts. The players never see a dime of that money. The lawsuit was brought by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon.
The court ruled that the NCAA’s rules were anticompetitive. U.S. District Court Judge Claudia Wilken ruled that t…
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Community Health Systems Data Breach Lawsuit

The Community Health Systems, a sprawling multi-state hospital operator, was faced with a class-action lawsuit over a massive data breach. Roughly 4.5 million patient records were hacked and put into the hands of thieves. It was one of the largest health data systems breaches ever recorded.

The data leak put patients’ identities at risk. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, birthdates and Social Security numbers of patients across the country were all made available to Chinese hackers, according to a Community Health Systems filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission describing the breach.
In October, a class-action lawsuit was filed by a New Mexico woman in U.S. District Court. Victims of the breach are expected to continue joining the suit as the case winds its way through court.
The CHS leak could have exposed the personal information of Alabama citizens and their families. You may have been a victim without knowing it. The attorneys at Pittman, Dutton & Hellums are dedica…

Smith & Nephew knee replacement Implants

Smith & Nephew, a manufacturer of artificial knees, announced a voluntary recall of its Oxinium Genesis II and Profix II knee systems. According to the company (see September 18, 2003, news release below), these non-cemented systems became loose after being implanted during knee replacement surgery.

Smith & Nephew is a London based company with its U.S. headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.
Patients who received Smith & Nephew defective artificial knees may require revision surgery. Problems associated with the Smith & Nephew defective knees may include the following:
Knee PainLooseness of the femoral componentKnee RevisionRe-operationsRisk of infectionJoint and muscle problemsExtensive rehabilitationOur firm is in settlement negotiations with representatives of Smith & Nephew, on behalf of some of our clients, and in discussions over the statute of limitations issues.

Morcellator Lawsuit Attorneys

Morcellator Lawsuit LawyersIf you or a woman in your family has had gynecological surgery, it’s possible that a power morcellator was used. Though morcellators are used to remove noncancerous growths from the uterus, tragically, the device has been proven to actually accelerate the development of undetected cancers.
As the potential deadly risks associated with morcellators become more widely known, the number of lawsuits is growing. The Food and Drug Administration has been investigating the devices.
Though morcellator claims are relatively new in the public’s eye, our attorneys have experience handling medical device cases in Alabama and beyond. At Pittman, Dutton & Hellums, we can use our experienced, passionate and hands-on approach to seek what you need to help you and your family recover the best you can.
Why is a Morcellator Dangerous?
First used in surgeries in the mid 1990s, power morcellators are surgical devices used in hysterectomies (removal of the uterus), myomectomies (…

UPS Truck Accident Lawyer

Can I Sue UPS?UPS is a messenger company in the US and around the globe. Though it is a large company, it is still responsible for its drivers and commercial trucks. According to statistics from 2012, UPS drivers have reportedly been involved in 1,448 crashes which led to 541 injuries and 39 deaths. When a UPS driver is responsible for an accident, the driver and the company may also be responsible for the resulting damages and injuries. If you have been injured by a UPS vehicle, you may be able to sue the company for damages. Contact our truck accident lawyers in Sacramento to get started. Suing UPSClaims made against a commercial trucking company like UPS are similar to claims made against the driver of a personal car. However, one important difference between these two cases is that you must determine who you will sue. In a regular car accident, in most cases, you will sue the driver of the car who caused the collision. When a commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, there are…

Thousands of Victims Left in Wake of Disastrous Medtronic Infuse Product

Medtronic Drug LawyersMedtronic, one of the world’s largest medical-device makers, already has been the focus of high-profile litigation that resulted in an $8.45 million settlement. The Dublin, Ireland, company whose operational headquarters are in Fridley, Minnesota, is now the focus of more high-profile litigation involving thousands of Medtronic Infuse cases that could result in $300 million in payouts.All of the cases surround the Infuse Bone Graft product. Infuse Bone Graft, when used correctly, is surgically implanted in an area of the body where bone growth is lacking. It consists of a naturally occurring protein carried via a sponge, which releases the protein in stages so it can be absorbed properly.“Using Infuse Bone Graft eliminates the need for a second surgery to harvest, or remove surgically, bone from your body (“autogenous” bone) for placement at the surgery site,” the Medtronic Web site states. “Autogenous bone harvest has the risk of pain, complications, longer surg…

The Dangerous Misadventures of Multaq

Earlier this year, I wrote about the spotty safety record associated with Multaq, which is also known as dronedarone (The FDA and the Saga of Multaq – When is enough, enough?).
Multaq, an atrial fibrillation drug, has only been on the market since July of 2009, but has generated record volumes of safety alerts and changes to its warning labels in the months that have followed.Even before its approval in 2009, Multaq and its manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis were under a cloud of controversy, as approval of Multaq by the FDA was initially rejected in 2006 in the aftermath of reports of patient deaths attributed to the drug.  We can only speculate how the FDA overcame its concerns and ultimately approved the drug in 2009, although it is well known that the FDA is under tremendous political pressure to approve new drugs and often chooses to require extensive warnings in lieu of denying approval.  I also suspect that there is a great deal of finger-pointing and hand wringing at the FDA water coo…

Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer

Were You Injured in an Amazon Delivery Driver Accident?
As the demand for immediate delivery increases, so does the number of delivery vehicles on the road. In recent years, Amazon has moved away from using standard services like UPS and FedEx. Instead, it has started delivering its own packages. 
Deliveries have become even more frantic and urgent as Amazon has introduced Prime delivery, next-day delivery, and even same-day delivery. Catering to people’s need for ever-faster service, Amazon has ramped up its delivery efforts.
In doing so, there have been a large number of accidents involving Amazon delivery drivers. Many of these crashes have been deadly while others have caused serious injury. This is a major issue that is getting worse, and people may need legal recourse. Why is this happening? Why Are There so Many Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents?
The amount of accidents involving an Amazon delivery truck since mid-2015 is astounding. 
Have a look at these figures:
Amazon Delivery Driver…

Fedex Truck Accident Lawyer

In the 24-month period prior to December 3, 2017, FedEx Express drivers were reported to have been involved in 1762 crashes, 575 involving injuries, including 41 deaths. From 2012, the number of crashes has increased by 254.5%; the number of injuries has increased by 192%, and the number of fatalities has increased by 273%.

Best Trucking Accident Law Firm in GA
FedEx Holiday Accident in Georgia
Trucking accidents during the holidays are not just about statistics and abstractions. They have real-life stories behind them, and can affect anyone when least expected.
Just last year in mid-December, a FedEx delivery truck was involved in an accident in Monroe County on Georgia’s Interstate 75. When the driver lost control of the trailer, he crashed into the median barrier, sending holiday packages flying all over the highway. The driver was not hurt, although a passenger in the truck was hospitalized. Clean-up of the highway to remove it of presents and other debris was coordinated between loca…

Heavy Haul Truck Accidents

The American Trucking Associations, the trucking industry’s largest trade group, said the NHTSA figures “alone provide an incomplete picture of the safety of our highways.” The trade group said the data does not do account for how many vehicles drove on U.S. roads in 2020 and how many miles they traveled.The trade group wants to see the federal government launch a new “Large Truck Crash Causation Study” to update 2006’s examination of truck crashes. That study, the ATA said, found that road users other than truckers cause the majority of crashes with big vehicles.“ATA believes safety is of paramount importance and that’s why we’re proud to represent an industry that is committed to reducing highway fatalities by investing nearly $10 billion annually in technology and training, as well as promoting safe and responsible behavior on the roads by all motorists,” the trade group said.Heavy Haul Truck Accident Lawyer The lawyers of Georgia Truck Accident Law Firm are known as “The Truck Acci…

Should you sue the trucking company or the driver?

Should You Sue the Trucking Company or the Driver?
Trucking accidents can cause terrible injuries and catastrophic damage. The size difference between a semi truck and a typical car or RV is so great that victims often face severe or permanent injuries in these crashes.  If you or a loved one was injured in a trucking accident, the best way to get compensation for your injuries might be to sue in court.  However, this leads to a dilemma: if you need to sue the driver who hit you, can you sue the trucking company alongside them? How to Sue a Trucking Company?When you or a loved one has been the victim of a trucking accident, seeking compensation for your suffering and expenses differs from that of a regular car accident. Based on the details of the case, your attorney may decide to file claim against the truck driver, the trucking company or both.
A truck accident can result in physical, emotional and financial damage that lasts far beyond the initial accident. Although the first priority…